Friday, January 25, 2013

Singing doctor makes American Idol debut

Physical medicine and rehabilitation resident Dr. Calvin Peters' journey to Hollywood began about a year ago when watching American Idol said to himself, 'I can do that, actually".

A former gospel choir member, Peters took voice lessons and sang in a local cover band to prepare.  He auditioned in July and was shortly called for a follow-up in Baton Rouge. Now he's got a golden ticket.
When his colleagues found out he'd be on Idol, they were stunned.  "I was just in the laundry and they were like, 'Are you going to be on American Idol?' I said yeah and they said, 'Doing what?' When he told them he'd be singing, they said "Get outta here. You can sing?' While he doesn't sing in his white coat, music has become a way to connect with his physical therapy patients. 

"Music touches people's souls and emotional souls. So while there might not be a physical manifestation, music just makes people feel better," he said.